Dancers have concluded based on various surveys and available evidence that the primordial-orangutan level was of the level. There was an abundance of animal tendencies in it, living and action were also of the same level.

On the donations of nature, he used to live his life like the beasts and birds, and in the direction of progress, some of his steps would have been progressed.

Learned industries such as agriculture, animal husbandry, became aware of law and order like clothes, housing, fire lighting. Learned to speak and write and used to practice the customs of their communities. Physical progress has been progressing in this direction. With the achievements of science, mechanization, economics, governance, he has reached there today. There is a lot of facilities in front of him. This is the second thing that not be used properly by keeping his personality poor. This is the account of human progress.

Some of the men have become rude, oppressive, cheating, aggressive, luxurious and arrogant, and some have been left in their absence due to lack of talent and talent. Human beings are said to be the descendants of monkeys, that their sense and thought revolves around gastro-reproduction, they die for abdominal reproduction. If so much then it makes its nostalgia by making a tone, daring and aggressive. Those who not do so, spend days crushing the adversity of the circumstances and the opposite of fortune.

Most of the human beings are seen of these primitive human beings, oranges, or sly-horny nature. The abundance of the population has neither given the dignity of the people the dignity of the individual nor contributed to making the society prosperous. The irony that produces brightness is visible in all fours and scattered, but given the result of its reactions, it is frustrating and confused that the one who has been honored with the names of the Lord of the Gods in the animal class. Is this what he is? Who does not even understand anything other than greed, attachment, selfishness, lust, craving, and egoism?

There is so much limit to nature's aptitude. The living beings live for themselves only, they raise their own needs and stay in their happiness-compatibility. Even after becoming natural, man can live in the same passage in which other organisms die and kill, fall and fall.

The bright form of human dignity develops evident when it connects with excellent idealism. Makes your thinking, character, behavior and effort inexpressible-exemplary. To apply it in the same structure, the sages have composed the scriptures, have set up the structure of spiritual philosophy. Many laws have been made of yoga and penance; God has created many healing rituals of devotion. The fundamental objective of many of these laws of self-destruction is the same, that man achieves heaven, liberation, and accomplishment in this life.

These three are not related to any other people or magic-miracles, but they can be seen as individual greatness. The sophistication of the approach is 'heaven', exempt from liberation 'liberation' and maintaining a living on an amicable level is 'Success'. It is enough to do so for self-expression. In less than that purpose is not fulfilled, there is no need to do anything more than that. Sages, saint, ascetics, yogis, proven men, great men have been found attached to this spiritual progress. Whatever they did to please the air god Deities, they used to awaken their own inner God.