Acts like a puppet with a string tied in the jigger's fingers. But in reality, it is just a trivial piece of lifeless wood. The game then makes the fingers of the juggler. We do not know if any desire has arisen in the mind of our self? Have you done any action with your mind?

As far as memory goes, the same sequence is rolling in the same pattern that our guiding power which we remember in the name of humanity, whenever it gives directions, makes a stir to think and act like a puppet without persuasion.

If you start comparing between the last and the next days, then it seems that the chest will burst and a hook rib will rip out. If someone removes his skin and starts to examine the inner, then one will see an element of flesh bones emerging - that is infinite love. Love is the only wealth earned. The only juice that has gone in us is that of love. All of us have adopted us and we can see the reflection of spirit but there is boundless affection towards those who have been near us emotionally for a long period.

We have read a lot of books of knowledge and disinterest. We have heard a lot of discourse on the futility of attachment. The world is false, no one belongs to anyone but all of their selfishness, etc. They have got an opportunity to participate in celibacy. Sometimes, those words are also repeated in front of others. But it is good to reveal your weakness. That still in our mind, that element does not enter knowledge, no other alien is seen, nor is there a feeling of illusion from which a fast can be observed. When your soul is shining in others, then whom should we turn to? How can we forget those who are unable to forget us? How can we break ties with those who have joined and joined together? Nothing makes sense. The reading of Brahm Gyan does not help even a little. These days, when the eyes are opened a lot at night, then this theme wanders into the brain. A queue filled with love and affection for the relatives on the table of memory keeps on growing. Everyone grew from one to one lover - all from one to one and above all, from one to another, love to mother. Drawn from this paradise. Where is someone going for us? Why is it being taken? Where do we leave them? How about live Nothing is understood. The eyes keep raining and the clothes kept on the bed are wet.

Our spiritual condition is difficult for us to analyze. Our agony, to be afraid of the pain of anguish, to feel like an ignorant who cannot tremble or be tempted in the test, is literally like that. The floor of fear or cowardice has been crossed. Where was the scope in the days of dying for want of comfort? The age of the hobby lounge has changed. Now and again, even your dilapidated body will cause discomfort. In such a situation, the desire for facilities, unwillingness to inconvenience is also not a reason for crying. The only reason is our emotional and lustful love ground. Those whose affection we have found even a lot, the mind goes on to give revenge like a mountain.