Raising high is a reflection of excellence in contemplation and character. Moving forward means the acquisition of competence and wealth coordination of these two leads to the direction of life. level of recognition and aspiration to be superior or inferior is the person's own choice, which he will call it, must move forward in that direction.

Those whose speed is slow, their sluggish and so-called names are condemned. Such people are counted in the backward class and they become the people of the absence-ridicule. Those whose directions are right, find great honor and become credit-officer. All these accomplishments are of the aspiration element, which is found in all the modes of quantity.

The aspiration of progress is also natural and also useful. There is also a personal benefit of the person and the overall interest of society. In spiritual texts which are expressed in the discourse of desire, their purpose is to return the reward, to abandon the impatience. There is no need to get confused with the words used in the vocabulary. The consequences of bad deeds are found immediately, but the ability and determination of a suitable reward for good deeds and the lack of circumstantial compatibility of the instrument can be different in quantity and duration of desired results.

In such a situation, for prevention of frustration and frustration, the principle that the goodness of good work and the path of going on the path of good conduct should be considered as a sufficient reward and whenever the effect of the result is available Then it should be considered as an extra gift. By adopting this belief, it remains equilibrium and in the distraction of distraction, obstructive obstacles not be constrained.

At the beginning of creation, the world desired that 'I should go from one to another and with many forms of Raman, I should remain in the playground.' This desire was enlarged in the form of aura and ancestor and creation began. This desire is made in the form of a desire for progress and the ability to remain dynamic in the substances remains disciplined, as it is planned, progress is called progress. The destiny of the emergence of sophistication and change revolves around this axis. Brahma, Vishnu, are the names of this circular revolution. All the small actions of the universe are being implemented under this Divine Determination Discipline.

In name of self-inspection, self-creation, self-improvement, self-development, cynicism, and self-welfare of the people, the ability to do the same is that the aspirations should be obstructed to adopt the excellence of cultivating consciousness-in these Beliefs are called reverence. This Belief Statement is virtually true that form of life is reverential, as it is believed, it becomes like that.