Inspiration emerging from proximate world appeared in form of a guiding principle of revered Guru, and he chose the right body and mind, the lofty heart of the disciple, in order to become a spiritual person, so that latter of twentieth-century and first twenty-first century became the basic background of the new creation.

When human was not created, this work was done by Avatars like fishery, turtle, etc. Then, after completion of the development sequence, incarnations have been completed only by persons like Ram, Krishna, and Buddha. Like incarnations, sages also fulfill the same purpose. Many important aspects of freedom fighters' environments on earth, many important to establish the balance of the universe, have been accomplished by capable persons of Sage level.

From time to time, Divine Consciousness has been doing its job by making wishes of devotees to live on the path of spiritual progress, to give the inspiration to live the life of worldly life. There are many instances of Guru-Disciple tradition in which Guru searched for disciple because he was supra and had given him proper spiritual strength and capital from that task.

Disciple is only an excuse, but since there is a need for a mentally challenged man as a generous person, he is selected only after high-level determination, and then he goes to do everything like a puppet, from behind When disciple begins to meet criterion of authenticity, then on the same basis, he goes to get maximum grant. Whoever has received a boon, divine grace which has been received, is attained only after doing penance, after proving his eligibility.

Normally people's eyesight is narrow. Whenever they see anybody going to deficit with a temporal vision and being employed in austerity, then from family to well-wishers and other people, it is considered a fad, waste of time, idiocy at first sight. But what is their fault in this? Where are possibilities of later possibilities, where they can get an appreciation for steps which they take in?

Ram Krishna went to his house to find his disciple Nar and repeatedly said to him that 'leaving behind all work that I want to teach you to teach lessons of world, why I am trapped in the propaganda of cosmic education It is said.