According to the order of world development, the level of incarnation and the work area also goes extensively. In the world of the instrument and action, work was done with the help of weapons and means.

Today, there is the primacy of the wisdom element all around. Dysfunction of prosperity, competence, and efficiency can only be seen around public abuse.

The development of science has brought the world to a very small and world humanity closer, mobility has increased greatly. In such a state, the incarnation of God can only be in the form of egoistic consciousness, so widespread that the public can change the mind, to create goodwill in the interaction.

The fundamental structure of Buddha's rationalism was of revolution. In the beginning, there was the introduction of Dharma Chakra. Thousands of people have devoted their ideas to the sophistication of the religion system even beyond the borders of India, not only the mission of Buddha, but also India. Buddha's work is not completed, the rest is still pending. In the intellectual argument, the problems in the ancient era are also problematic. The whole society flows in the flow of beliefs and ideas. At such a time, the incarnation process can solve the problems of this era as a way of thinking of removing the unconsciousness, immorality, and idiocy of folk mind and return to the true era.

The time of the ultimate worship of Guru was the need of the most, by eliminating the uncertainty of thoughts and establishing goodwill. That is why this era was fought in the consciousness zone and the purpose of the creation and promotion of good faith possessed by the inspiration of spiritual discourse was completed. The determination of the person's character, the contemplation and the law of society, what prevents it, is accomplished by the vast expanse of this great discourse. The creation of a well-cultured world is going to be on the backdrop of this contemplation stream.

The flow of strenuous forces flowing in the microscopic appears to be quiet and normal from the top. Inside it is explosive as a volcano, then by reversing the inverse, it removes the uncertainty and keeps everything altered. This impersonal singularity in the microscopic is called avatar. The main task of the Avatar is to fill the high full of enthusiasm in the Goddesses of the Divine Legends, in their lively times. If the philosophers see these invisible movements vibrating in the awakened souls, then it is said that this tremendous passion for Avatar will continue to change the imbalance in balance. This is what is happening these days.