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Raising high is a reflection of excellence in contemplation and character. Moving forward means the acquisition of competence and wealth coordination of these two leads to the direction of life. level of recognition and aspiration to be superior or inferior is the person's own choice, which he will call it, must move forward in that direction.

Dancers have concluded based on various surveys and available evidence that the primordial-orangutan level was of the level. There was an abundance of animal tendencies in it, living and action were also of the same level.

Inspiration emerging from proximate world appeared in form of a guiding principle of revered Guru, and he chose the right body and mind, the lofty heart of the disciple, in order to become a spiritual person, so that latter of twentieth-century and first twenty-first century became the basic background of the new creation.


The working area of incarnate power of god is an invisible world. In the era of the balancing era of the contemporary community, the task of eradicating immoral elements is done by them, in which the chic inheritance of divine elements is found.

Acts like a puppet with a string tied in the jigger's fingers. But in reality, it is just a trivial piece of lifeless wood. The game then makes the fingers of the juggler. We do not know if any desire has arisen in the mind of our self? Have you done any action with your mind?

Aspiration of progress is also natural and also useful. There is also a personal benefit of the person and the overall interest of society. In spiritual texts which are expressed in the discourse of desire, their purpose is to return reward, to abandon impatience.