Hey guys what's up, welcome back to another post, today I'm going to be teaching you how to play any android game and download any android app on computer for absolutely free.

I know it sounds ridiculous and honestly too good to be true we're going to be done through an android emulator and something really cool about the standard emulator is that you can download tons of android games actually believe you can download any android game or app on the Play Store so if we don't have an android device.

 we just want to run and wraps up from your pc and that's going to be the perfect post for you guys so the first thing that I want us to do is just go ahead and open bluestacks.com. once you get here scroll all the way down to the bottom are basically anywhere we see where you see the download Bluestacks button and once you click on that it should say we're downloading Bluestacks and basically just go ahead and save the installation to your desktop it is around 307 megabytes might take a while depending on your internet speed.

when that is done guys source the installation file does finish downloading or if you just go and click on it and I should start extracting Bluestacks so from here you can go ahead and close out of your browser and basically this is gonna be the only page that you're gonna need for the rest of the post and there's a chance that you might get a pop-up kinda like the one that I have right here and I look a bit different but it basically says do you want this after making changes to your computer so just going to run yes

from here you're going to see this page you can click on next click on next one more time and go and click on install we're going to start installing Bluestacks and honestly from my experience that shouldn't take more than like a minute and as you can see the installation is already finished underneath a minute passed something that's going to click on finish and it should automatically are launching Bluestacks it once Bluestacks does open

up you might get scared by the look of it because there's a bunch of things on your screen you never need blue sex TV so you can always close that and from here just look I'm got it so I'm just gonna make this big screen and essentially now just going to load up android and once it does Lord ended up it's going to ask us to sign in with Google council you're going to need a Gmail account for this video so if you don't have one go ahead and make that account and then come back to the video.

 but chances are if you have a youtube account that means you have a Gmail account he should be fine from there just go inside with the same credentials and you'll be good to go alright guys so once said that does all pass or if you just click on doing actual this message again I'm just going on clothes from here is go and pick your language but it might

show you do you want to improve location accuracy is going to gonna agree because this pop-up does show pretty often if you don't click on agree right away and if this does show up is going to click on yes and from here you can go and pick your language click on the next button alright guys so from here just gonna say got google it's basically asking if you do Gmail account so you can go and click on continue and once you click on

continue to ask you to sign and sometimes completely signing with my account and once you finish up in your credentials so if you just click on the Next button and from there going to click on OK and there's a chance that when you're signing in if you have two-step authentication on your account it's not gonna let you sign the first time it's going to actually say you have to sign in using the browser sign that I have right here so there's a chance that

you might even not have the step but since I do have extra security on my account I do have to type in a code that gets sent to my phone and once you go ahead and type in the code if you do have that step show up then it's going to start sending you back in and if you don't have that step show up and just gonna forward you on to the next step that we're about to get you and from here it's gonna ask you about google services just go ahead and check

everything so basically just gonna waste your time so you really don't need anybody unless you want it I really don't need it and i'm going to assume you guys want either so once you do that is going to click on next again and it can ask you to set up your payment info so obviously you're not gonna need this if you just gonna be doing free application information just click on the note thanks button on the bottom left but let's say you're gonna be

downloading like actual application or something that you can like have to pay money for you I was gonna have to input some kind of payment information so from here you type in the name you don't even need a last name as far as I'm aware so you can just type in your first name and click on next and that's basically just gonna know that this tablet belongs to is basically like a tablet in the emulator on your computer it's actually pretty cool when you think about it and

once that's all done is basically just continue the homepage and from here you can download whatever apps you want so for my video purposes I'm going to open up the Play Store and download clash of clans and when you open the place for the first time just going to show you this we all have to just click on get started and from there it's going to redirect you to the google play store what's your google play store if you just go ahead and scroll down until you

find whatever app you want or you can just go and search for it but I knew the clash of clans gonna be on the homepage so much you find just going to click on install you don't have to clash of clans you can really do any app you want personally i'm just going to be doing clash of plans for the video purpose and from there she's gonna start installing so as you can see there are only about 60 megabytes it shouldn't take me too long

it's basically already halfway done and that honestly didn't even take an extra second from one cell get back to you guys but as you can see it is installing internet all you have to do is click on open and can start loading data is gonna start opening up the game so as you guys can see idea of clash of clans actually running on my pc so right here all you do is click on OK and from here I am on clash of clans on a computer so clash of clans a little different than other

games and does ask you feel like a user ID so mom she's gonna keep the normal when I don't really feel like making a completely new one everyone sign in but obviously you can just go and pick whatever like user name you want to use and from here we're just gonna be playing through the tutorial something place through you with you guys for a second i'm just going to skip through a couple things that really don't need to like use them I played

this game before.that's so crazy to think about so do hope you guys enjoyed the post.